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Looking for something to spice up your web site, Backgrounds, Wallpaper, Tutorials, Graphics, Websets and Templates. There are links to it all. Some pages will also contain graphics. No links will contain pop-ups, Fast Click or Casale Media. I made the cool graphic links websites as I was tired of looking for website graphics and dealing with the adware involved with a lot of graphic sites. You will find links to just about everything except clipart, though some sites will have some.


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The proper tools are always the right way to build a quality website. There are many sources on the internet that are great tools for building and designing a website. There are a range of tools to choose from. Optimization software, site templates, email templates, page builders, graphics implementation and the list goes on. I have tried to include the best ones I could find along with the ones I use. Some will have to be purchased, some are free trials, and others are free online generators.


There are a few reason I created this website.

  1.  I was tired of searching for stuff and getting a ton of site with adware or pop ups. none of the links contain this stuff.

  2. To help teach those new to website design to have a place to learn.

  3. To supply more advanced users with a place to get stuff without having to search for hours.

Those of you who are new, it would take months to locate all the stuff to build your websites. Below are some tried and tested builders for website creation.


1. Word press-  Web designers and  as well as website owners use Word press and it is one of the most popular website creation tools. There is no hassle in fixing codes, its user friendly for blogging and creating your won website. It will need to be uploaded to your site by FTP. Some servers will have script installers as well. Installing word press is tricky to install. Updating is very easy tho, even for the beginner.


2. Snap Pages- With this website creation tool that uses flash player, you can create pages that are interactive, dynamic and lively.


3. Web Accessibility Toolbar- With this toolbar, you can validate your HTML, and other links as well as regulate your CSS options, it is a very helpful tool to have. Edit your images, check alt tags, repair structure of your heading, and see what the see what the search engine spiders see. I could not live without this tool. I like to see how the search engines are looking at my site.


4.  Cool Text - This logo and button making site is fantastic. I made the logo at the top of the page with it. If you want a great text logo then this is it. I use it almost all the websites I design for people. 


These are just a smidgeon of some of the tools available on the internet that are used by website designers. I will continue to search and place great programs here on this site as I find them.


Please return to this website for future links and information. I am continuing to build this website and will be adding new links as well as new pages in the near future.

Tutorials for Beginners


How to Create a Website Tutorial for Beginners

How to Build, Promote and Maintain Your Own

Teach Yourself HTML in 24 Hours


Cool Graphic Links is your source
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Website Design Tips

Advanced HTML- Fantastic Forum

Six Steps to Creating a Search Engine Friendly Website



Webmaster helpers


HTML CHEAT SHEET-A must for any designer.

HTML Colors-Another must have cheat sheet

HTML Examples-Pre-made HTML coding

JavaScripts, HTML., CSS  codes- A must see site

Trellian Webpage-Free web design program-Really

Web Page Analyzer

Dr. Watson’s site validation check-This one is the
best but more complicated

Spider Viewer-What the search engines see-Great tool  


Most of the links are freeware. Some are linkware. Please note what they are, so you give credit where credit is due. All links have been reviewed by the owner of Cool Graphic Links. Please use them responsibly.

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